Our Mission

Most people work for at least 40 years, whether in their own business or someone else’s.  That’s about 80,000 hours — 40 hours a week times 50 weeks a year times 40 years.  So we spend most of our waking hours during half of our lifetimes working.  Rubin Employment Law’s goal is to make that time happy and rewarding for its clients, whether they are employers or employees.

Using compassion, knowledge, skills and experience, “We get employers and employees to stop fighting so everyone can get back to business!”™  People are happiest when they are productive because then they feel good about themselves.  Disputes between employers and employees drain productivity and create tension at work and at home. Rubin Employment Law’s goal is to dissipate the tension by helping clients resolve their employment disputes as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  This is achieved by giving clients the tools they need to prevent and resolve their disputes.

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