• Employers:

    Did the employee you just fired threaten to sue you?

  • Employees:

    Does your boss insult you in front of your co-workers?


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Rubin Employment Law helps employers develop and implement best practices in employee relations. We also help executive and professional employees negotiate employment and severance agreements.

A Single Tweet…and the ‘Putty Tat’ May Get Ya!

Even Tweety Bird knows to stop tweeting when it thinks it sees a “Putty Tat.” So if you want to keep your job, your professional reputation, or your settlement check, learn from these cautionary tales.

09th May
A Single Tweet…and the ‘Putty Tat’ May Get Ya!

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Romantic love and work are not good bedfellows, despite what you’ve seen on “Mad Men,” “Boston Legal,” and “The Office.” For example, allowing your supervisors to date their subordinates may lead to an affair you would prefer not to remember.

14th Feb
What’s Love Got to Do With It?